Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru has the most complicated plot among NTR Manga

Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru

We never talk about Netorare here on the site again, right? LET’S TALK ABOUT NETORARE! Recently the group TSF no F released a doujin hentai netorare called “Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru” and it features an extremely crazy and insane plot!

The artists responsible for the doujin were Hiiragi Popura and Yotsuba Chika, who came together to create this beauty. To help you understand the story of Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru, the manga itself presents the infographic below, to explain everything properly:

Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru

Pay attention to understand what is going on here. We have Yuusha Amber, whose girlfriend is the Holy Maiden Eliane. One day the Maou kidnaps Eliane and corrupts her by abusing her, Eliane is corrupted and becomes the Maou’s wife and a demon named Ruoxi.

Amber goes to the Maou’s castle wanting to save her lover but sees that Eliane is now evil, Ruoxi kills Amber, but she takes Amber’s soul and says she will reincarnate him as her daughter with the Maou, but before that she shows him all of her memories of being corrupted by the Maou, The Netorare!

Yuusha Amber ends up reincarnating as Meifa, daughter of the Maou with Ruoxi! Amber, now as Meifa, ends up getting into carnal activities with her father and mother while she kills humans!

My reaction when I read this doujin was exactly this:

Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru has the most complicated plot among NTR Manga 1

Other reactions from those who read this doujin:


“I need to pray”

“How Demon kings are born”

“Just stop.”

“He should’ve came back to his senses and then killed them both towards the end. Would’ve been cooler.”

“What in the actually fck”

“this shit weird man”

“Um…..wtf is this and why is it in popular”

“10/10 Good unique idea generating fantasy hentai. I’m sick bored of villain guy MC who originally evil, become evil by own or pretend evil. I want a good MC defeat by demon lord and corrupt into evil demon girl like this. Hero MC win demon lord is old school, OP MC win villains is boring, villain MC’s old school either. But slow mind break corrupt good MC into evil MC against his will I never seen this in non-h isekai manga at all other than h zone manga.”

“You guys ain’t seeing what I see, one panel she is flat as fuck, next one boobs suddenly show up”

“Bro, that Demon King is an absolute MENACE. The man just helped the hero’s lover unbirth the hero, have the hero get reborn from his used-to-be lover, AND PROCEED TO FUCK THE NOW REBIRTHED HERO. Like damn, that has to hurt.”

“I was prepared for the NTR but not him getting reincarnated as their baby Bruh man’s got major skill issues”

“I’m not even gonna try to understand what’s going on”

As bizarre as this doujin is, and it really is, it’s not the first time the TSF group on F has released this story. In 2018 they released a doujin called “Eien ni Kimi to”. This doujin has the same plot as the Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru.

Eien ni Kimi to

Maou invades the protagonist’s village and kidnaps his lover, the protagonist goes to the Maou’s castle, but he is killed and is reborn as their daughter. Unlike Yuusha Aku ni Ochiru which is a hentai, Eien ni Kimi to was released as a non-hentai manga.

The most you have in Eien ni Kimi to are kissing scenes, what I think must have happened is that they wanted to reuse the story, and since it didn’t work out like a normal manga, let’s turn it into hentai.

Anyway, what else will netorare provide us?

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