Vtubers Compare Their 2D Boobs With their Real Ones

Vtubers Comparam seus Peitos 2D com os Reais

Don’t ask me why but for some reason a hashtag is trending on Twitter where Vtubers are comparing their 2D avatar boobs with their real boobs.

The challenge is called “irl VS Vtuber Booba”, IRL means “In Real Life”, I already explained above what it is about, comparing the breasts of the person behind the Vtuber with the breasts of the Vtuber itself.

Below are several examples of publications from various Vtubers that speak in English, I don’t know if the Japanese Vtubers will enter this trend too.

Vtubers Compare Their 2D Boobs With their Real Ones:

Interesting campaign isn’t it? I found it curious that many busty Vtubers are actually busty in real life, and others look a lot like their 2D avatars too.

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