Vtuber Marine wants Doujins where she is Forced to do things

Vtuber Marine wants Doujins where she is Forced

Vtuber Marine wants Doujins where she is Forced, thus being abused by men, not doujins where she is on heat.

Doujin hentai is a part of Japan’s otaku culture, every year thousands of doujins based on games, anime, and now Vtubers are released, either made by professional or independent artists.

One popular Vtuber who has a few hentai doujins out there is Houshou Marine, from Hololive 3rd generation. Marine is known for being a pervert in her lives, which is why most of her audience is made up of adults.

Marine has shared several stories and preferences on her channel over the years that she has been a Vtuber, such as her desire to be caught by tentacles.

In a live stream on her channel in 2020, Marine “complained” to the authors of hentai doujins. The reason is simple, practically all of Marine’s hentai doujins showed her as a fire pervert, she said exactly the following:

“I’m always in heat in doujinshis, so… how can I say this… I keep teasing men, I’ve seen this situation so many times, or I touch myself. Why do you draw the same situation? 

I want to see it! I want to be forced, why am I always shown to be on heat? I want to see a different situation, I want to be forced!”.

Vtuber Marine quer Doujins dela sendo forçada

Going through the Marine hentai doujins I’ve seen, the vast majority show her on fire advancing or calling on men to do her,

This was the reaction of Marine’s fans to this statement from the Vtuber:

“Imagine being a doujin artist and getting not only free inspiration for content but also feedback all from the same source. Marine is truly a blessing for these fellas.”

Senchou: “I want to be forced.”
Artists: “forced into vanilla? Say less!””

The fact that she would rather see her self in a forced situation rather than a vanilla one shows how far off the deep end Senchou is… BASED”

“can’t force someone who’s always willing, senchou, you reap what you sow.”

“Even though Senchou’s fans are degenerates, most of them are degenerates who value consent. Sorry Senchou lol. Though it must be frustrating not to see the forced stuff when that’s your kink”

Asanagi: “Fine, I’ll do it myself””

“i want to say she really is incredibly brave for sharing her fetishes online. We mostly joke about how horny Senchou is but sharing your fetishes to an audience is something extremely personal. Thanks to this, a lot of fans can see her as relatable and this has help her grow but sharing like this cannot be easy. Maybe for some it may be ridiculous to praise something like this, but to me it goes to show how good of an entertainer Marine really is”

It’s always weird for Sadists to always get asked by a Masochists to do their thing. I will never get used to it.”

Below you can watch the the clip of this Marine moment, clip published on September 1, 2021:

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