VTuber goes viral after Stapling her ******

VTuber Comma Dentata viraliza após Grampear a sua ******

Warning: This post features descriptions of bizarre and violent things, be careful when reading.

Internet, place where people show the crazy things they do to be able to viralize, gain followers and money. Not that this didn’t happen before the internet, it did, but with the internet more people see these bizarre things.

There is a small Vtuber called Comma Dentata who recently became the talk of the internet for the huge crazy things she did.

But to sum up what she did, she apparently took a staple and stapled her ******, posting the pics on her profile, you can see the print below which is obviously censored, the original post was deleted from her profile, but the picture is out there, I ended up seeing a less censored picture and arhg!

VTuber goes viral after Stapling her
VTuber goes viral after Stapling her

Then the international crowd started going to Comma’s profile, interacting a lot with the Vtuber, she really got attention and here’s something, she’s really nice, she tries to answer everyone and even follows back.

There was another person who asked if it still hurt, and she said no, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Anyway, what I’m going to say now is something unconfirmed, because I didn’t go after these things to find out if it’s true or not, but there was one person who said that this was just the “tip of the iceberg” of crazy things she did.

I have only one thing to say… WHAT THE FUCK! It’s not something I like, I don’t want to see, and I don’t like to know about it either, but if you have people who like it, ok, go with your crazy stuff, as long as I don’t see it.

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