Villarreal post Shingeki meme after eliminating Bayern

Villarreal posta meme de Shingeki após eliminar Bayern na Champions

Villarreal post Shingeki meme after eliminating Bayern in Champions, and now soccer teams are enjoying the otakices of the world!

Yesterday was the quarterfinal round of the Champions League, the most important tournament for teams in Europe,, and in one of the matches the teams Bayern and Villarreal went head to head.

Bayern was seen as the big favorite, for having an immensely better team, so many were betting on an easy victory for them, but Villarreal won the first match 1-0 and in the return match they managed a 1-1 draw, thus eliminating the huge favorite from the dispute.

After this great victory over a giant, Villarreal’s official profile posted the following image, which shows Bayern as the colossal Titan and Villarreal as the Eren, showing the difference in power of the two teams:

The Villarreal team profile also published a montage with the game Elden Ring, showing them defeating the Bayern boss:

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