First Season of Shield Hero had 5 minutes of fanservice

1º Temporada de Shield Hero tem apenas 5 minutos de Fanservice

Shield Hero Episode 10 featured a scene where Raphtalia appears fully nude as it is a scene where she changes clothes. The entire scene lasts a few seconds, but that’s enough to generate complaints on the internet.

For its second season, I think we had a few scenes in the first episode and now, I honestly don’t remember any more fanservice scenes in this second season of Shield Hero other than those two episodes, but what about the first season?

First Season of Shield Hero had 5 minutes of fanservice

First Season of Shield Hero had 5 minutes of fanservice

Years ago when the first season of Shield Hero was being broadcast, there was obviously a fight over the plot (Naofumi), but there were people who wanted to make a narrative that the Shield Hero anime was full of fanservice.

We had the scenes showing part of Raphtalia’s cleavage, Raphtalia in the bath, them on the beach, etc. Check out this meme from years ago that was made, Patrick says that Shield Hero doesn’t have much fanservice and SpongeBob shows several scenes:

Reagindo à Shield Hero 2 Eps 8 ao 10

Two years ago a Shield Hero fan asked himself, “Does the anime really have all this fanservice?” so he went to check every episode and found that out of a total of 8 hours of story, we only have 5 minutes of fanservice scenes. Which you can re-watch all of them below:

Shield Hero Fanservice Compilation from shieldbro

No, Shield Hero doesn’t have all that fanservice that some people want to push, and Season 2 doesn’t have it either.

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