Spy x Family: Sakimichan finish Anya Fanart, Receives same Criticism

Sakimichan Termina Fanart da Anya

Sakimichan finish Anya Fanart that she had posted teasers before on her profile, and that ended up getting criticism from people who didn’t accept Sakimichan making an older version of Anya in a ecchi fanart.

You can check out the fanart below, Anya is obviously older, wearing a bathing suit and her school uniform, the art is sensual, showing a big cleavage and her thighs:

Spy x Family: Sakimichan finish Anya Fanart, Receives same Criticism 1

Despite being sensual, the fanart at least in this first version doesn’t show Anya naked, but Sakimichan should probably release a heavier version, because that’s what she usually does in her fanarts.

But anyway, just like the preview, it also received some criticism, mostly in the retweeds. This time we even have proportion analysts in fanart, remember! Only make fanart if you know how to make the right proportion huh!


Just to explain this case, Kenya Suzuki was arrested for having imported German nudist magazines with children, in the 60’s these magazines were legal, a law years later made them illegal. Japan currently considers these magazines illegal. He will serve his sentence in freedom.

This is it!

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