RPG Real Estate: Rakira’s outfit was changed for the anime

Rakira teve sua roupa Censurada pro Anime

RPG Real Estate has already premiered and fans noticed that Rakira had her outfit censored for the anime, a change that turned out to be necessary for several reasons.

RPG Real Estate is an anime about cute girls who work on helping their clients find their new homes, and the whole theme of the anime is RPG, since in the story the Maou was defeated years ago and the world lives in peace.

Rakira is one of the main girls in the RPG anime Real Estate and fans noticed that for the anime she had to cover up her clothes more.

Rakira in the anime:

Rakira teve sua roupa Censurada pro Anime

Rakira in the manga:Rakira teve sua roupa Censurada pro Anime

As you can see, in the manga she shows much more, for example part of her ass and thighs, while the anime decided to make her wear a short logo.

It is worth mentioning that the girls from the RPG anime Real Estate have been announced for the mobile game Kirara Fantasia and this is how Rakira will appear in the game:

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