Player quit Smoking Because of Genshin Impact

Otaku para de Fumar por causa de Genshin Impact

It is never easy to get out of an addiction, is it? And sometimes they are addictions that are bad for our health, like drinking, smoking, overeating. And then we have today’s story from Otakice, Otaku stops Smoking because of Genshin Impact!

An otaku nick-named Hxomaa posted the following on Genshin Impact’s Reddit:

“I know this sounds stupid and lame, but I always saved some of the daily money that I am getting for buying a pack of cigarettes, after I played genshin and I become obsessed with, I always spent my saved money on blessing of the moon monthly, and this made me forget about cigarettes and now it’s been 5 months without smoking and I feel so healthy THANKS MIHOYO”.

Player quit Smoking Because of Genshin Impact
Player quit Smoking Because of Genshin Impact

You can’t tell if the story is really serious, if it is real, but it is a funny situation. There are some nice reactions in the Reddit post:

“Good job, just don’t get addicted to gacha now”

“Oh no, he’s already at that stage of gacha addiction!”

“At least gacha addiction will only suck out your wallet and not suck out your wallet AND kill you slowly”

“That’s the exact reason why I’m losing weight too”

“Exactly, my food money is going to BP and Welkin”

“I didn’t know that gacha was the answer to quitting smoking”

There’ s another story about a Japanese man who stopped drinking because of Nico from Love Live.

So yes, your waifus can save you.

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