My Dress-Up Darling Ep 5 Boob Animation was Impressive

Comentando My Dress-Up Darling Eps 4 e 5

My Dress-Up Darling Ep 5 Boob Animation was Impressive! Before this season started some people were worried about CloverWorks once again working on 3 anime at the same time.

Because the last time this happened was when The Promised Neverland 2, Wonder Egg Priority and Horimiya were being broadcast together.

Wonder Egg had several animation problems, The Promised Neverland 2 was a disaster in his story, and Horimiya rushed to the end of the manga.

This current season CloverWorks has 3 anime again, My Dress-Up Darling, Akebi-chan and Tokyo 24-ku. I’m not watching Tokyo 24-ku and I can tell you that so far in terms of animation My Dress-Up Darling and Akebi-chan look great.

I guess we worry for nothing, or is it too early to tell? Episode 5, and speaking of episode 5, what was that animation on Marin’s breasts?

My Dress-Up Darling Ep 5 Boob Animation was Impressive

Today’s episode gave us another great week of suck quality animation, and here are some reactions from Reddit:

“The power of boob bags and NuBras cannot be understated.”

“Marin is committed to embodying Shizuku-tan even down to the thigh markings and big boobs.”

“Thank you Marin for showing off those wonderful (and plentiful) boob bags and swaying that skirt around to show off the garterbelts and your thigh/underwear.”

“Boob bag gif incoming? Jesus that animation.”

“Also jesus how much animation time wass spent on animating her boobs today…”

“Boob Bag Supremacy”

“And who is happy to show off said boob bags. push push gif.”

“You know you’ve found the Holy Grail when you find a girl as excited about a Boob Bag as Marin is. bounce bounce gif”

“Boob bag + Zr with Gb + heart eyes, Marin will get all the fanarts this week (again)”

“The goddamn sweat building up inbetween her boobs. Artists are writing that down as we speak.”

“Cloverworks did not skimp at all on the Boob and Sweat animation this episode. Those animators are truly super cultured.”

“Bisque Doll: Sweaty boobs.”

“I love how Marin felt her boobs weren’t big enough and had to go the extra mile to get the giant boobs accurate to a visual novel character. That’s commitment.”

“And thus the BOOB BAG saga begins…”

“Also, beyond the boob physics and that weird noises, I really like the important mesaage that is highlighted in this episode, which is loving what you do and being who you are.”

“The Ufotable of boob jiggles.”

Remember episode 2 of My Dress-Up Darling that has that scene of Marin shaking her breasts and the animation of that movement?

CloverWorks is impressive!

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