Murata goes viral with realistic glass drawing

Murata viraliza com desenho de Copo Realista

Mangaka Yusuke Murata goes viral with realistic glass drawing, fooling many fans on the internet who thought his illustration was a simple photo.

The One Punch Man manga is illustrated by Yusuke Murata, who always manages to surprise fans with insanely detailed drawing in the manga, but what he posted on his Twitter profile recently blew many people away.

Practicing drawing, Murata posted a photo of a drawing of a glass with water that he made, which from a distance looks like a photo.

Murata Surprises Fans with Realistic Glass drawing

If you look at it quickly you will think it is a photo, but if you zoom in you can see that it is an illustration:

Murata goes viral with realistic glass drawing
Murata goes viral with realistic glass drawing

From a distance you can really tell it’s a photo, you have to zoom in on the image above to notice the pencil strokes. This post has simply gone viral on the Japanese internet. Murata’s original post has over 130,000 likes and over 15,000 shares:

Public Reaction

With a publication going viral like this, of course we’re going to look into some of the reactions that fans have had towards this amazing work by Murata:

“I thought it was a picture”

“Did you draw this here crazy?”

“with all due respect to the other manga artists, but there is no one on Murata’s level in art

“If this is a drawing, real life is a lie.

“Fuck you, MURATAAAAA WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID ON A PAPER, man, this guy only gets better every second, top 5 mangaka of the millennium”

“Unbelievable that this is a drawing”

“this is a painting”

What do you think about Muratas painting?

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