Fans discuss possible Memorial to Kentaro Miura in Elden Ring

Memorial a Kentaro Miura em Elden Ring

Kentaro Miura passed away on May 6, 2021 leaving his most famous work, Berserk unfinished. A very famous game series is Dark Souls, Elden Ring is the newest game from the DS developers and apparently we have a Memorial to Kentaro Miura in Elden Ring.

On February 25th the video below with the title: “Elden Ring: Possible memorial for Miura/Berserk” was uploaded to Youtube. So far the video has been viewed over 600,000 times!

The location of the possible memorial to Kentaro Miura in Elden Ring is near Castle Morne, check out the vídeo bellow:

But there is no certainty whether it is really a memorial to Kentaro Miura, so much so that in the description of the video above, the person who uploaded it says:

“I said “Possible” in the title here because From is usually subtle about references. Just like how they didn’t just straight-up name the Greatsword “Dragonslayer”. It’s likely that these monuments serve as both a memorial for Miura and also has a tie-in with the in-game lore as to not stand out too much.”

There is nothing confirmed, the story was shared on social networks and a fan said:

Anyway, what do you think? Memorial to Kentaro Miura in Elden Ring, fans thinking too much about a possible coincidence or something different?

It will be cool if this is a real memorial to Kentaro Miura in Elden Ring, but the developers will have to come and confirm this.

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