Man invites girl who runs away after seeing his Otaku room

Otaku convida Garota que foge após ver seu Quarto

Manga, anime and games sell more and more over the years, more and more people have these hobbies as something common. In the past, liking these things was seen as a bad thing, today not so much, but even so, there are those who don’t like it.

Our story today is about a guy who become a hot topic after telling a sad story on his profile. He said he invited a girl over to his house and room, and she went along, showing that she might be interested in him.

But he said that as soon as she walked in and saw his room, she walked out of the house, leaving him there. So he posted a picture of his room, asking everyone on the internet, “Is something wrong with me?”.

Otaku convida Garota que foge após ver seu Quarto
Man invites girl who runs away after seeing his Otaku room

The photo above shows a huge collection of old games, Famicon, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Super Nintendo, games from various consoles such as Nintendo DS, Game Cube, Nintendo Switch among others.

What did the girl think when she saw his room? That she didn’t want to get involved with a guy who likes games? Or did she think he’d only spend on games if the two of them dated?

This was the reaction of those who saw the post:

“You don’t have bad taste in rooms, but in women”

“Very nice room”

“I’m a gamer and I think it’s a great room, but I think it’s rubbish for women”

“It’s a cute room”

In addition to these, many people started to point out (jokingly) what was wrong in his room, things like: “Cartridges have to be stored that way”, “this was the game she saw” etc.

Wanting a female opinion, I asked a friend of mine what she thought of the room, she likes anime and manga and watches/reads some, so I was really curious to know what she would say and:

“I would run away too, for me it’s a ‘boy, you’re creepy’ alert, it’s scary, the room is cool, but scary. For those who don’t have the habit/knowledge, a room like that is kind of shocking”.

Obviously I’m not going to identify who this friend of mine was, so you’re going to have to trust me on this answer. Girls, what do you think of a room like this?

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