1043 words! This Kino no Tabi Chapter Name is just to Long!

1043 palavras! Nome de Capítulo de Kino no Tabi Exagera no Tamanho

1043 words! This Kino no Tabi Chapter Name is just to Long! We always talk here on the website of some light novels that have extremely long titles, fully describing the story making it not necessary to read the synopsis.

This is even the case with a recent issue that surfaced on Japanese forums, where a hentai webnovel with a short title had fewer views than another webnovel that put a title synopsis. People are looking for something easy and quick to understand these days.

But not only light novel titles are long, sometimes authors exaggerate the chapter titles of their light novels. The 11th volume of Kino no Tabi so to speak, one of its chapters has an exaggeratedly long title.

1043 palavras! Nome de Capítulo de Kino no Tabi Exagera no Tamanho

“And you thought light novel titles were long, here’s the title of a chapter of Kino no Tabi”, says the publication of Cho, who shared an image with a huge text, claiming to be the title of one of the chapters of the light novel. of Kino no Tabi.

I went to check it out to see if it’s real and it is, below you can check the full title in writing:

The Land of Ajin Daa and Iel Daa and Patsu-e Daa and Aghe Daa and Zex Daa and Zezeh Daa and Eque Daa and Cain Daa and Ceble Daa and Namee Daa and Nimiji Daa and Nonoe Daa and Hakim Daa and Hatto Daa and Hareha Daa and Himire Daa and Mijin Daa and Mimiru Daa and Yagie Daa and Joseph Daa and Lolon Daa and Roele Daa and Pretty Moo and Puree Moo and Pawhate Moo and Yem Moo and Sevoo Moo and Dadan Moo and Diane Moo and Namire Moo and Neway Moo and Nozam Moo and Heart Moo and Hammer Moo and Mion Moo and Movie Moo and Yafa Moo and José Moo and Laennu Moo and Lalan Moo and Lilin Moo and Lilly Moo and Rend Moo and Royui Moo and Warts Moo and Waji Moo and Tosenu Zei and Utoe Zei and Kemire Zei and Sapou Zei and Suren Zei and Sooreh Zei and Soleb Zei and Niyaei Zei and Niniji Zei and Noren Zei and Nogure Zei and Baare Zei and Hejimi Zei and Hotoe Zei and Homer Zei and Mienu Zei and Mia Zei amd Muffy Zei and Mojie Zei and Linda Zei and Riie Zei and Benole Doe and Cots Doe and Kachio Doe and Kumuni Doe and Sapoe Doe and Subure Doe and Takeu Doe and Taata Doe and Toyme Doe and Touma Doe and Nack Doe and Nefa Doe and Nozan Doe and Nomiru Doe and Hobzi Doe and Meena Doe and Mobley Doe and Yohweh Doe and Link Doe and List Doe and Lule Doe and Luai Doe and Lemea Doe and Rojie Doe and Wacko Doe and Wacky Doe and Mimini Roo and Totetsu Roo and Karei Roo and Umimu Roo and Ereni Roo and Sabere Roo and Suzey Roo and Soap Roo and Dante Roo and Toll Roo and Nawdge Roo and Nemumi Roo and Bazil Roo and Hijibi Roo and Bouno Roo and Mamie Roo and Mabio Roo and Magare Roo and Megano Roo and Moiz Roo and Yoad Roo and Lilis Roo and Wood Goo and Otto Goo and Sonure Goo and Soae Goo and Taaa Goo and Neaka Goo and Hibini Goo and Homue Goo and Mox Goo and Mart Goo and Meemi Goo and Muei Goo and Meime Goo and Rufy Goo and Lett Goo and Ka-chin Soo and Emidzu Soo and Omiz Soo and Komise Soo and Code Suu and Slet Soo and Taleb Soo and Chijie Soo and Nazae Soo and Neoi Soo and Fweoo Soo and Bohma Soo and Deron Soo and Mooch Soo and Memiru Soo and Model Soo and Yomei Soo and Raara Soo and Lelet Soo and Waoji Soo and Kimaa Soo and Emize Yoo and Orote Yoo and Ozere Yoo and Sametsu Yoo and Soob Yoo and Soie Yoo Chimui Yoo and Torenu Yoo and Nazem Yoo and Narere Yoo and Hajin Yoo and Fu-fu Yoo and Hoy Yoo and Majin Yoo and Muau Yoo and Sayan Yoo and Modd Yoo and Rean Yuu and Buyme Aa and Mirei Aa and Orega Aa and Kion Aa and Keeze Aa and Kitaze Aa and Kuree Aa and Sawyou Aa and Shiogu Aa and Sefumi Aa and Soshimu Aa and Takui Aa and Dummy Aa and Chitami Aa and Teraa Aa and Naare Aa and Nuae Aa and Noway Aa and Foome Aa and Hegyy Aa and Hett Aa and Hotai Aa and Mapuo Aa and Mukyu Aa and Mezuru Aa and Mazuru Aa and Mokio Aa and Moork Aa and Yuiki Aa and Yoju Aa and Raoi Aa and Rimie Aa and Ryoki Aa and Ruuze Aa and Rujie Aa and Reira Aa and Reran Aa and Watt Aa and Wakim Aa and Ageze Oah and Yoki Oah and Shiami Oah and Semure Oah and Tayune Oah and Seou Oah and Sobuo Oah and Sorere Oah and Chiei Oah and Doren Oah and Neere Oah and Nuoki Oah and Neboo Oah and Bajee Oah and Nesuto Oah and Hamel Oah and Fubire Oah and Heyaa Oah and Heren Oah and Minami Oah and Mujina Oah and Moue Oah and Yoja Oah and Ryuk Oah and Ruve Oah and Rote Oah and Rukusu Oah and Olga Oah and Waren Oah and Watasu Oah and Umizu Oah and Bufumi Oah and Saeo Tsoo and Ieji Tsoo and Uzue Tsoo and Soyui Tsoo and Tsuie Tsoo and Dodo Tsoo and Nikoji Tsoo and Heat Tsoo and Yaeji Tsoo and Mirai Tsoo and Rimaa Tsoo and Minai Tsoo and Waamu Tsoo and Dagatsu Behh and Grey Behh and Ku-nu Behh and Ijio Behh and Seruru Behh and Tabure Behh and Toots Behh and Newt Behh and Nuzei Behh and Haah Behh and Heae Behh and Mazeeh Behh and Matt Behh and Rayuo Behh and Rigan Behh and Rojia Behh and Warz Behh and Sageru Foo and Kobaze Foo and Samere Foo and Seau Foo and Tamiu Foo and Furen Foo and Mibure Foo and Raeo Fuu and Loju Foo and Lost Foo and Wadge Foo and Bimit Kei and Save Kei and Darea Kei and Tsubuni Kei and Nebure Kei and Bart Kei and Babae Kei and Hodge Kei and Hoboo Kei and Bojin Kei and Maero Kei and Makina Kei and Migia Kei and Wafa Kei and Maze Kei and Mett Kei and Meimi Kei and Yumere Kei and Todd Kei and Rajif Kei and Ranzo Kei and Luan Kei and Russo Kei and Waff Kei and Migue Kaa and Kezemi Kaa and Danre Kaa and Dzujimi Kaa and Nemibi Kaa and Netra Kaa and Bajimu Kaa and Fozo Kaa and Holm Kaa and Hobzi Kaa and Mugae Kaa and Yumea Kaa and Ruum Kaa and Leamu Kaa and Wamji Kaa and Wazowa Kaa and Hamire Kaa and Nouno Kaa and Shachi Kaa and Karenu Ehh and Collets Ehh and Seren Ehh and Soren Ehh and Dzuaa Ehh and Nanae Ehh and Nuzeto Ehh and Hojee Ehh and Hogoni Ehh and Chachi Ehh and Memee Ehh and Mogii Ehh and Yujin Ehh and Ladd Ehh and Liinu Ehh and Rolan Ehh and Amaru Taa and Cassius Taa and Kiano Taa and Kohle Taa and Kohlen Taa and Ijimu Taa and Sazete Taa and Tatami Taa and Chijiru Taa and Teite Taa and Nibure Taa and Negami Taa and Nate Taa and Haazo Taa and Bobby Taa and Maama Taa and Emmy Taa and Yize Taa and Lofa Taa and Wasel Taa and Ward Taa and Wakio Taa and Web Key and Iini Key and Kaats Key and Baneme Key and Batro Key and Ero Key and Konre Key and Kone Key and Sheet Key and Sozzo Key and Tarets Key and Chizuru Key and Van Key and Teton Key and Tomoo Key and Hamim Key and Marze Key and Marin Key and Mufs Key and Mijika Key and Pho Key and Fin Key and Hotou Key and Magae Key and Rajin Key and Ranji Key and Rageru Key and Reem Key and Rikue Key and Ruden Key and Roato Key and Waaku Key and Wareb Key and Roton Key and Migumi Jee and Memeto Jee and Meren Jee and Ipumu Jee and Otomu Jee and Karen Jee and Korin Jee and Sanre Jee and Sand Jee and Shiee Jee and Shiera Jee and Soora Jee and Sukou Jee and Sonye Jee and Temib Jee and Tomas Jee and Nukio Jee and Note Jee and Hajire Jee and Photeh Jee and Hobuyu Jee and Muju Jee and Mugaa Jee and Majina Jee and Mofa Jee and Moaf Jee and Yaana Jee and Yakoji Jee and Yuuno Jee and and Yueba Jee and Yuyue Jee and Yoenu Jee and Yohimu Jee and Ragumi Jee and and Rimidzu Jee and Rupal Jee and Wanre Jee and Anzo Yaa and Kamue Yaa and Coats Yaa and Spats Yaa and Zion Yaa and Derenu Yaa and Garen Yaa and Kugeze Yaa and Kody Yaa and Umea Yaa and Sagan Yaa and Shibua Yaa and Taata Yaa and Toile Yaa and Ninie Yaa and Nekou Yaa and Nomue Yaa and Hajito Yaa and Foji Yaa and Maei Yaa and Muiji Yaa and Mugan Yaa and Mujin Yaa and Mejina Yaa and Meil Yaa and Mode Yaa and Yojin Yaa and Yott Yaa and Raffy Yaa and Rurue Yaa and Rubal Yaa and Rowon Yaa and Wakofu Yaa — With You —

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