Kate Bishop drawn by American vs Japanese causes Discussion

Kate Bishop desenhada por Americano vs Japonês

Kate Bishop drawn by American vs Japanese! A post on Twitter caused a discussion by comparing a Marvel character drawn by Americans and Japanese.

Then the following post was made, comparing the character Kate Bishop drawn by Americans and by Japanese. “Great contrast of how America and Japan approach character design” says the publication.

Kate Bishop
Kate Bishop drawn by American vs Japanese

The publication above shows Kate Bishop in the American style, illustrated by Marvel, while on the side we have the same character drawn by Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita.

Shunya Yamashita has done art for several Marvel, DC and movie characters in a line of Kotobukiya figures called “BISHOUJO”, so all the characters come out extremely cute. Below for example is how he drew Captain Marvel:

Another thing I have to point out is that the image above was not made by the person who posted it, it is an official image used in the promotion of the figure. after the above publication was made, several comments were made, as the examples below:

And the discussion went on and on, obviously this discussion of Kate Bishop drawn by American vs Japanese will lead nowhere as everyone prefers a drawing style. I took a look at several official Kate arts and none of them pleased me, but I’m not into Comics like I used to be years ago.

Anyway, what do you think?

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