Japanese are surprised by doujin selling over 40,000 usd

Doujin arrecada mais de R$ 200.000 em vendas e Surpreende fãs

On June 17th, the doujin Imouto no Tomodachi ga Dosukebe Taishuu Fechi Sugite, Inkya no Ore to Kikenbi Nakadashi Hamemakuri by artist Anon 2-okunen was released and it was put up for sale on the DLSite.

DLSite is a Japanese online store (but it also operates in English), where any creator can launch their manga, game, ASMR, illustrations etc and earn on sales.

And what was the surprise of the Japanese when they saw that this author made more than 43.592,97 USD in just 3 days of sales with his new doujin?

Japanese are surprised by doujin selling over 40,000 usd

As you can see from the screenshot above, the DLSite itself informs the amount of sales that the products had, this doujin has sold 6,063 copies so far.

Its regular price is 1,210 yen (8.98 USD) but it is on sale now for only 968 yen (7.19 USD) so I calculated it with the discounted price.

Obviously there is still the DLSite fee, so the author did not keep the more than 43.592,97 USD that this doujin has generated so far, I know that I had already published here on the site that producing doujins makes money, but it is always impressive to see these numbers.

And they are even bigger, considering that this author not only sells this doujin on DLSite but also on FANZA’s DMM, and there he has sold almost 12,000 copies!

You can check out the doujin on the DLSite here, just be careful where you open it as it contains R18 images.

via: Yaraon

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