Japan: 5 Women were Tied to Wall for the Art of Shibari

Japão: Mulheres são Amarradas em Edifício pela Arte do Shibari

5 Women were Tied to Wall for the Art of Shibari in Japan. Shibari is a very specific and often artistic way of tying your partner. And because it is so famous, there are those who dedicate themselves to Shibari as an art form.

Hajime Kinoko was responsible for putting these 5 women tied up in this building, which was exposed for the public to see and take pictures of.

Check out the video below that shows the crowd that formed to see the women tied up in the building in Harajuku:

Below, Hajime Kinoko shares a video showing how they did all the string preparation for shibari to be possible:

Hajime Kinoko took up rope for the first time in 2001, because his then-girlfriend was interested in rope. When the rope master Akechi Denki held a workshop at the club he was working at, Kinoko really learned the meaning of tying people.

Later Kinoko met Haruki Yukimura, and took lessons from him for several years. From Yukimura, Kinoko learned how to interact with models, how to show a model’s body line in an aesthetically pleasing way, among other techniques.

In 2018, most of the techniques Kinoko has been teaching are based on Kanna’s method whom he refers to as his former teacher to express his gratitude for using his method for 10 years.

Via: Sankaku, Shibari Study,

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