Guy Watches Adult Movie With Friends And Sees His Girlfriend In It

Rapaz assiste JAV com Amigos e vê Namorada no Filme

Let’s go to today’s story, which is actually a very old story, from 2017. As you read in the title: “Guy Watches Adult Movie With Friends And Sees His Girlfriend In It”, that’s exactly it.

First of all let me say that this is a story that appeared on social media in China in 2017, it is very difficult for me to confirm if it is a real story or not.

Our original story is about a Chinese guy who lives in China, and at that time, he had a girlfriend.

This girlfriend got the opportunity to study in Japan, so with his regret she went to Japan to study. The girl kept in touch with him and her family, sending her pictures and also giving updates on her situation in Japan so he wouldn’t worry.

Rapaz assiste JAV com Amigos e vê Namorada no Filme

The cost of living in Japan compared to China is quite different, Japan is much more expensive, so the girl had to take some part-time jobs to help with her stay there, her parents would send her money, but it was heavy even for them.

Initially she found a job at a Pub that paid her 1,000 yen an hour, a month later she left the Pub saying the environment didn’t suit her, soon after she got a job as a model.

The boyfriend was already worried but the girlfriend reassured him saying that the job was safe and that her friends had introduced to her.

Life was going well until October 3, 2017 arrived, on that day the boyfriend’s friends showed up to watch adult movies together, JAVs, Japanese adult movies, here’s the surprise when the boyfriend had to see his girlfriend in the movie?

Rapaz assiste JAV com Amigos e vê Namorada no Filme

YES! HIS GIRLFRIEND, WHO WENT TO JAPAN TO STUDY, WAS IN AN EROTIC FILM! Friends (who did not recognize) were delighted with the girl’s breasts while our boyfriend was floored, he traveled to Japan, went to a store and bought DVDs of her film, confirmed that it was her on the cover of the film and got ready to see the girl.

At the time of the confrontation, he took some of the DVDs as evidence to confront his girlfriend, as soon as he saw her, he showed the DVD to the girlfriend who took the package, lowered her head and told him it was her on the cover. She then confessed everything, but she defended herself, saying that the money she earned at the Pub was little, and that the modeling job was not stable.

It was for the modeling job photographer that she ended up working in adult films.

“I didn’t steal anything from anyone, I earned this money for my hard work,” she said.

“Boys don’t get scolded or feel guilty or ashamed about seeing these movies but they glare at girls who take this job,” she added.

Her boyfriend said that in a way she was right, and he talked to her for a while longer, but the fate of the couple is not known, if they continued together, if they broke up.

What I saw is that at the time this was published, on Chinese social networks, many people criticized the girl for having gone to do porn without telling anyone.

Anyway, that’s the story. Upon entering the World of Buzz article website that tells this story, they put on the cover of their article a JAV film by actress Yui Nishikawa, but she has no relationship with the girl in the story as far as I could find out.

Via: World of Buzz, EBC e Weixin

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