2010 Gichichi Yuriko R18 manga gets Movie Adaptation

Gichichi Yuriko recebe Adaptação em Filme

This is another post for you who do not want to lose hope for a new season of Noragami or No Game No Life, because know that a hentai manga from 2010 had a live-action adaptation announced!

In April the live action adaptation of the 2010 hentai manga “Yuriko and her father-in-law” will be released, the original manga is by Chuuka Naruto and this new movie is codenamed URE-079 and stars actress Rio Kuriyama:

Gichichi Yuriko recebe Adaptação em FilmeGichichi Yuriko recebe Adaptação em Filme

The movie is a netorare where the woman, married, gets involved with her father-in-law, thus betraying her husband, for those who like it ok, I saw some images of the movie and it’s not for me.

This is a famous series from this author, who has already said that his dream was to see his works being adapted to live-action movies or anime, and now he can realize this dream once again, since his manga have been adapted before.

It’s funny that just like the anime industry, the adult industry is also looking at older adult manga to adapt!

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