Film Critic says Anime Authors should have Social Responsibility

Critico de Cinema e Mangaka discutem se Animes devem Influenciar a Sociedade

Film Critic says Anime Authors should have Social Responsibility, Author replies saying he just wants to entertain his readers

Kei Onodera is a movie critic who publishes for some sites his analysis about movies and such, and on December 30, 2021 he made the following publication about the Shirobako movie.

Shirobako is one of the most praised anime of the last years for showing how the production of an anime is done, but anyway, look what he said:

“Shirobako the movie. It was suffering because even years after TV series the way females are drawn did not got “updated”. Male characters have diverse ages and bodytypes while females must fit into some kind of standard or else their existence ends up considered null and void. This, despite being done in the opposite way of how should have been done, maybe is reflecting the atmosphere of anime industry in realistic way.”

Then manga author Chinen Mikito, who published the manga Kamen Byoutou and Ameku Takao no Suiri Karte replied to Kei Onodera, saying the following:

“The reason male characters have different bodytypes is because they have models in real life and the characters attributes was modeled based on their attributes.

By the way There is a lot of female models for the characters and the variety goes from teens to forties.

What a shallow review.

How could an movie critic don’t grasp this basic knowledge and criticize on things unrelated to contents of the movie? I could understand if this were an amateur’s work but I don’t think this is a work of a professional.

I think Shirobako was a good work.”

Film Critic says Anime Authors should have Social Responsibility

Kei Onodera then replied with:

“You say it’s “unrelated to the movie” but you are nether thinking how the character design and the settings/lore of the character will be intertwined with the society in real life nor how works made like that will affect the society. You, as a creator/writer, you have next to no sense of responsibility on things like that.”

Then another author decided to answer Kei Onodera, and in this case it was the author Satsuki Kitazato:

“As a creator you have next to no sense of responsibility over things like that.”

Sorry but I never think about that.
I wrote mystery stories to make readers have fun.
I have no objective of fixing the society problem or stuff like that.

I think works written to influence society are scholarly papers or academic papers.
The ones made to share scientific knowledge and have profit with it.”

What do you think about this?

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