Demon Slayer: Father comforts son because of Rengoku

Pai conforta filho por causa de Rengoku

Everyone knows what happened in the movie and at the beginning of the second season of Demon Slayer, right? Rengoku’s fate in the series wasn’t the nicest, but for kids who must have watched the anime it was even worse.

For some at least. I won’t talk about his fate here, but the Hashira of the flames had a good time and faced the Upper Moon 3, which is an extremely strong enemy.

Demon Slayer: Father comforts son because of Rengoku 1

Father comforts son over Demon Slayer’s Rengoku

On September 27, 2021 the Twitter user below posted a funny story he had with his son. According to him, his son fought at school because of Demon Slayer, in this case, because of Rengoku.

He said that his son got into an argument because another boy said that Rengoku was weak and his son said that Rengoku was not weak. In that the boy lay down and started to cry and the father bent down and started to caress the boy’s head, saying that Rengoku was strong.

The boy slept while crying and the father take a pic of the scene, where you can see below:

he fought hard for rengoku’s honor at school


via: Yaraon

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