Check this Fanmade Genshin Impact School animation clip

Fãs criam animação de Genshin Impact na Escola

Check this Fanmade Genshin Impact School animation clip from the 2022 CN New Year Live Stream in bilibili, called “To You From Another World”.

Have you always wondered what Genshin Impact would be like happening in our world? In a school setting for example? A group of fans created an animation showing Hu Tao and several Genshin characters in our world.

You can check out the animation below, which is actually a music video.

Very nice, isn’t it? The song is called Takna and is sung by Lazybird懒鸟.

A curiosity that people posted on reddit is that when Genshin Impact was released, Mihoyo kind of made a teaser of a school version of the characters:

What do you think?

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