Ridiculous conditions to become a Rental Girlfriend in Japan goes viral

Ridiculous conditions to become a Rental Girlfriend in Japan goes viral

Following the momentum of the second season of Kanojo Okarishimasu, did you know that there is a Rental Girlfriend service very similar to the one in Reiji Miyajima’s work? Well, the name of the service is ”Rent Kano”, check its description below:

Do you want to spend a fun day with her? Do you want to go on vacation with someone occasionally? Do you want someone to choose your clothes? Do you want to have dinner with her? Do you want to use it as a rehearsal for a date with your true love? Please use this service whenever you want to.

namorada de aluguel

The service ended up becoming a topic on Japanese forums because of the requirements and characteristics they ask for girls who want to become rental girlfriends to have.

Check out the conditions to be a Rental girlfriend in Japan

Below you can first see some of the characteristics they look for in women who want to work as a Rental Girlfriend in Japan. Check the list:

  • Women between the ages of 18 and 35, physically and mentally healthy and able to work with integrity.
  • Women who like fashion and have high feminine power.
  • Women who can keep their promises and are honest.
  • Women who like cafes, restaurants and leisure spaces.
  • Women who live within 1.5 hours of entertainment areas such as Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Sendai and Fukuoka (from home to major stations).
  • Women who can have pleasant conversation with men in their 30s and 50s and treat them with kindness and politeness.
  • Women with black or brown hair (no blondes).
  • Women who can open their work time as a girlfriend to rent about one day a week, not taking into account holidays and weekdays (from 2 hours a day)
  • Women who can be active for at least 6 months.
  • No academic or work experience is required. We have a training system, so no experience is required.
  • It can be used as a side job for students, workers, freelancers, aspiring actresses, voice actors, models, television personalities and other artists.

Women who cannot be Rental Girlfriends have:

But what really caught their attention was the list of things they don’t look for in potential rental girlfriends, check out below characteristics that can make you not get the job:

  • Women with boyfriends (possible if allowed or willing to break up if discovered).
  • Women under the age of 20 need written parental consent.
  • Women who are not beautiful.
  • Women who plan to retire after less than 6 months.
  • An ugly woman according to her own prejudice.
  • Women who are currently straightening their teeth (braces are acceptable).
  • Atopic women (acne).
  • Women with little feminine power.
  • Women who are not popular with men.
  • Suspicious women.
  • Women who need money.
  • Women who are very shy.
  • Unstyled women.
  • Women with no fashion sense.
  • Dark-skinned women, without makeup or eccentric clothes.
  • Fat/chubby women (BMI can be less than 22).
  • Women who appear to be underage.
  • Women who are slow to respond to emails, Line, etc.
  • Women who are too busy with their daily work or their studies.
  • Women who usually work part-time.
  • Women who are currently high school students.
  • Women with children (if they have a place to leave them).
  • Women with mental illness (including those on medication), or psychotic or similar.
  • Mentally unstable or sick women or active sex workers.
  • Women who introduced themselves but did not respond.
  • Women who have no will of their own (those who need permission from their parents, friends or others to do something).
  • Women who work in another company of the same nature (come visit us after resigning)
  • Women who do not have a smartphone (iPhone/Android). Today it is possible to buy a disposable phone for work.

What did you think of the conditions? Most of the Japanese reactions were negative to all these requirements, check out some comments:

“Why can’t you have dark skin?”

“Between the second and third line, you’ve already excluded all the women in the world”

“Are there women like that?”

“Isn’t that discrimination?”

“I feel sorry for those who can pass the criteria, as they will have to deal with weak and unpleasant men”

“These are valid conditions, the man pays a lot of money”

“I think women who look like children are being sought after”

“I thought this only existed in manga, what kind of people use this?”

“See, they only look for beauty, they don’t want ugly people”

“I bet the females will be annoyed by the requirements”

“What’s the fun in that?”

Curious? You can see the list of girlfriends here.

What, huh? Prices vary according to the ”category” of the girl that the interested party wants to rent, ranging from ”Junior”, ”Regular” and ”Premium”. A two-hour date with a Junior costs 10,000 yen (73.62 USD), while a two-hour date with a ”Regular’ or a ”Premium” costs 12,000 yen (88.35 USD). Prices increase by an extra 5,000 yen per hour for ”Junior” and 6,000 yen per hour for ”Regular” and ”Premium”. Food and beverages, as well as rental of facilities and transport are not included in the rent.

namorada de aluguel

namorada de aluguel

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