Chinese Citizens Allege Insult to China in Paripi Koumei

Chineses alegam Insulto à China em Paripi Koumei

Chinese Citizens Allege Insult to China in Paripi Koumei. Being broadcast in the current season, the anime Paripi Koumei shows the Chinese historical figure Kongming Zhuge coming to modern Japan and helping Eiko Tsukimi realize her dream.

With the broadcast of its third episode, Chinese have seen what they consider an insult to them in the episode, in one scene, a truck is shown in front of Eiko Tsukimi whose license plate is 47-291.

Chinese Citizens Allege Insult to China in Paripi Koumei 1

Chinese claim that the number combination “47-291” can be read as “Shina Nikui” or “I hate China”, as you can see being demonstrated in the post below:

Chinese Citizens Allege Insult to China in Paripi Koumei 2

If you go to Paripi Koumei’s Twitter profile and look at the comments, it is full of comments in Chinese, from people wanting an explanation, an apology, etc:

From what I could see from comments, this anime is not available in China, the bilibili from the beginning does not broadcast it in main China, only Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are broadcasting the anime of Paripi Koumei.

That is, those who saw it and are complaining, saw it with VPN if you know what I mean, so, so far, the case has not had a great repercussion, compared to other bullshit, this is still small, but I’m passing it on so you know what’s going on.

According to what the Japanese have claimed, in defense of the anime, the number 47-291 on the truck’s license plate is actually a reference to a case that occurred last year, when a company had to recall 47,291 vehicles that had a problem:

But as you can imagine, most Chinese people don’t care and want an apology, even if the anime is not officially in their country.

Now we have to wait and see if the anime will make a statement about this, because they are getting a lot of comments, or if they will ignore it.

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