Survey says 77% of Mangakas are Women

Pesquisa diz que 77% dos Mangakas são Mulheres

On November 30, 2021, the website Mannavi released a survey they conducted to find out interesting facts about manga authors in Japan, and they came to the conclusion that 77% of MangaKas are Women, a very high number.

Their survey had a total of 723 responses, and their method of collecting the information was a cooperation with editors, as they emailed them directly in order to be able to conduct this survey.

They also requested responses via Twitter. Obviously there are many more mangakas than the 723 in this survey, but let’s look at the data they released:

77% of Mangakas are Women and 47% are in their 30s

The first interesting data is about gender and age, there is a certain general knowledge in otaku culture that manga is a “female dominated” industry, this survey would only reinforce that.

According to the chart below, 77.2% of Japan’s manga artists are women, with only 18.1% being men. Furthermore the vast majority, 47%, are in their 30s:

Pesquisa diz que 77% dos Mangakas são Mulheres

They also wanted to know how many of those people had experience making doujins, and don’t be surprised, but 583 of respondents, or 80.6%, said they had experience with doujins.

It is kind of common knowledge that many artists start making doujins before they become professionals, whether doujin hentai or not. Furthermore, more than half of the mangaka today are still involved in producing doujins.

Another question was whether these mangaka still draw on paper or digitally, and the answer they got is that 90% already draw their manga digitally.

Pesquisa diz que 77% dos Mangakas são Mulheres

Regarding which program mangaka use in the production of their manga, CLIP STUDIO PAINT appears in first place with Photoshop in second.

It is worth pointing out that this question allowed multiple choices, because there are artists who use more than one program for the production of their titles.

Other researches and sayings state that there are more female illustrators than male illustrators in Japan, and that about 30% of hentai manga artists are also women, how do you feel knowing that the otaku culture is kind of “dominated” by them?

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